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Documentary films tell important, often unknown stories and bring awareness to wider audiences.

This format is essential to a healthy and democratic society, allowing audiences to walk in another’s shoes and build a sense of shared humanity.
It provides voices to the marginalized and strives to hold those in power to account.

The Documentary Filmmakers Association of South Africa, a member of SASFED – The South African Screen Federation, was established in 2007 to nurture and develop the interests of documentary filmmakers in South Africa. Being the only association of its kind in South Africa, the DFA aims to create a unified voice for documentary filmmakers, while providing a platform for emerging filmmakers and creating awareness of important issues and stories.

In 2021, the global Documentary Film and TV Show market size was valued at $ 11.1 billion and is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.3% reaching USD 15.2 billion by 2027. The increase in SVOD streamers globally has given documentaries an enormously wide reach and has resulted in an increased general audience interest in the medium.

South Africa continues to produce world-class documentaries and win awards internationally as seen with the Oscar-winning “My Octopus Teacher”, “Whispering Truth to Power”, “Scenes from a Dry City” and “Stroop: Journey into the Rhino Horn War”.

Since its inception, Stage Five Films has been a part of the DFA. Stage Five Films has produced two feature-length documentaries in the last 10 years – “Unearthed” (2014) and “The Journeymen” (2016) and is currently in pre-production on a True Crime Documentary Series for local and international distribution. Details are to be announced soon.

For more information on the Documentary Filmmakers’ Association (DFA) and to find out how to join the organisation, visit www.docfilmsa.com

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DATE: 25 / 11 / 2022