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S5 Originals

We believe the most powerful way to communicate is through storytelling. For any screen, any format, every channel. From Africa, for the world.

S5 Originals is a platform created for our original productions – productions where we are the authors. This is a selection of these projects.
Selected original productions
Boetie Boer: Inside the Mind of Monster (2023)
Free State (2022)
Feature Film
Lakutshon' Ilanga (2021)
Short Film
Cowboy Dan (2018)
Short Film
Five Fingers for Marseilles (2017)
Feature Film
Apocalypse Now Now (2017)
Short Film
The Whale Caller (2016)
Feature Film
The Journeymen (2016)
Noem My Skollie (2016)
Feature Film
Hum (2016)
Short Film
Lazy Susan (2015)
Short Film
Unearthed (2014)
Hollywood in my Huis (2014)
Feature Film
Boetie Boer: Inside the Mind of Monster (2023) Documentary

Director: Jasyn Howes
Producers: Dylan Voogt, Marcelle du Toit, Jasyn Howes
Production Manager: Divan Vermeulen
Production Coordinator: Shaaheen Nell
Story Producer: Andy Petersen
Story Consultant: Meggan Raubenheimer
DOP: Jared Paisley
Production Designer: Chris Joubert
Key Hair and Make Up: Jules Ruby
Key Wardrobe: Sulet Meintjies

This five-part docuseries ventures inside the twisted mind of Stewart "Boetie Boer" Wilken,
unveiling the horrific truth behind the infamous 1990 killing spree that shocked Port
Elizabeth (now Gqeberha).
Featuring exclusive archival footage of candid confessions from Wilken himself, this
harrowing series pieces together the events that turned an innocent young boy into a stone-
cold monster.
What dark compulsions drove his murderous rampage? How did he evade police for so
long? And who ultimately brought his reign of terror to an end?
This chilling story, told first-hand by Boetie Boer from his prison cell, reveals the inner
workings of an enigmatic serial killer who once terrorized a community.

Free State (2022) Feature Film

A Neo-Western set in present-day South Africa - Bethlehem in the Free State. A story about two brothers on the edge of society, who intercept stolen money from a foiled bank robbery. A psychopathic killer hunts them down for it in a downward spiral of deceit, decay, and greed.

Lead Cast: Conrad Kemp, Carel Nel, Warrick Grier, Genna Galloway and Jake Westmoreland
Producers: Patrick Seddon, Robin Goode, Justin Cohen, Dylan Voogt and Marcelle du Toit
Co-Producer: Tyrone Rubin
Director: Robin Goode
Writer: Daniel Levi and Raffaella Delle Donne
DOP: Wouter Westendorp
Production Design: Michael Linders
Costume Design: Robin Osrin
Makeup Design: Annie Butler
Production Service: Stage Five Films, Picturescope and Happy Hands Club

Lakutshon' Ilanga (2021) Short Film

A young, black nurse living in 1985 apartheid South Africa must face her worst fears when she learns that her activist, younger brother may be in danger when he doesn't return after school.

Lead Cast: Zikhona Bali, Aphiwe Mkefe and Thembekile Mathe
Producer: Christine Cho
Executive Producers: Dylan Voogt and Marcelle du Toit
Director: Phumi Morare
Writer: Phumi Morare
DOP: Sherry Qian
Production Design: Waldemar Coetsee
Costume Design: Sindiswa Magidla Matiwana
Make Up Design: Nonhlanhla Malembe
Editor: Mojtaba Mirshekari
Sound Design: Andre Hsiao-Chu Lin
Music Composer: Kgaogelo Mabelane
Production Service: Stage Five Films

Lakutshon' Ilanga, Short Film - Jury Winner at the 2021 Washington DC Shorts Film Festival
Winner of the 2021 Student Academy Award for Narrative

Cowboy Dan (2018) Short Film

Bandits steal a cowboy's cattle while he is being distracted by a beautiful woman. But the bandits are car thieves, the cowboy is a car guard, the cattle are cars and the cowboy's muse is a barmaid. The theft sends Cowboy Dan on a mission to retrieve the car and find justice in the criminal underworld of Cape Town, with Zancas - a scared hobo - as his only help and unlikely sidekick. "Cowboy Dan" is a reinterpretation of the classic Western with a Cape flavour through the eyes of a modern "Man from La Mancha".

Lead Cast: Brendon Daniels, Reginald Hufkie, Trix Vivier, Jonathan Pienaar, Morné Visser and Ira Blanckenberg
Producers: Dylan Voogt, Marcelle du Toit, Wynand Louw and Matthew Townsend
Executive Producer: Wikus du Toit, Tina Kruger, Karen Meiring, Wim Steyn
Director: Wynand Louw
Writer: Wynand Louw
DOP: David Clifford-Holmes
Production Design: Gift Bilibana
Costume Design: Klarese Nel
Make Up Design: Klarese Nel
Editor: Alexander la Cock
Music Composer: Charlotte Buys
Production Service: Stage Five Films and False Flag

kykNET Silwerskermfees 2018, Best Actress
kykNET Silwerskermfees 2018, Best Editing

Five Fingers for Marseilles (2017) Feature Film

Twenty years ago, the young ‘Five Fingers’ fought against brutal police oppression for the safe-keeping of the rural town of Marseilles. Now, after fleeing in disgrace, freedom-fighter-turned-‘outlaw’ Tau returns to Marseilles, seeking only a peaceful pastoral life. When he finds the town under new threat, he must reluctantly fight to free it. Will the Five Fingers ride again?

Cast: Vuyo Dabula, Zethu Dlomo, Hamilton Dlamini, Lizwi Vilakazi, Kenneth Nkosi
Producers: Sean Drummond, Michael Matthews, Asger Hussain and Yaron Schwartzman
Co-Producer: Dylan Voogt
Director: Michael Matthews
Writer: Sean Drummond and Michael Matthews
Production Manager: Marcelle du Toit
DOP: Shaun Harley Lee
Production Design: Franz Lewis
Costume Design: Pierre Vienings
Make Up Design: Julene Paton & Carol Djieutcheu
Editor: Daniel Mitchell
Sound Design: Morne Marasi and James Mattes
Music Composer: James Matthes
Production Service: Stage Five Films, Be Phat Motel, Game 7 Films

AMAA 2018, Best film
AMAA 2018, Best Film in an African Language
AMAA 2018, Best First Feature Film By a Director
AMAA 2018, Best Cinematography
Quebec City International Film Festival 2018, Best Film College Jury Prize
SAFTAs 2019, Best Achievement in Production Design - Feature Film
SAFTAs 2019, Best Achievement in Costume Design - Feature Film

Apocalypse Now Now (2017) Short Film

Based on a beloved South African fantasy novel this impressive proof-of-concept from rising-star Michael Matthews
depicts a snarky, monster-porn-dealing teen dragged headlong into a deep, dark Cape Town underbelly full of monsters and myth.

Adapted from the novel by Charlie Human
Lead Cast: Garion Dowds, Louw Venter and Faniswa Yisa
Producer: Todd Brown, Sean Drummond, Michael Matthews, Dylan Voogt, Nicolas Sorbara, Lon Molnar, Christina Piovesan, Jonathan Bronfman
Director: Michael Matthews
Writer: Sean Drummond
DOP: Shaun Lee
Editor: Daniel Mitchell
Sound Designer: Morné Marais
Music Composer: James Matthes
Production Companies: Stage Five Films

SAFTAs 2018, Best Short Film

The Whale Caller (2016) Feature Film

The seaside village of Hermanus is overrun with whale-watchers; foreign tourists determined to see whales in their natural habitat. But when the tourists have gone home, the Whale Caller lingers at the shoreline, wooing a whale he has named Sharisha with cries from a kelp horn. When Sharisha fails to appear for weeks on end, the whale caller frets like a jealous lover, oblivious to the fact that the town drunk, Saluni, a woman who wears a silk dress and red stiletto heels, is infatuated with him.

The two misfits eventually fall in love. But each of them is ill equipped for romance, and their relationship suggests the deeper concern is not so much the fragility of love, but the fragility of life itself when one surrenders wholly to the foolish heart.

Adapted from the novel by Zakes Mda
Lead Cast: Sello Maake and Amrain Ismail-Essop
Producers: Dylan Voogt and Zola Maseko
Director: Zola Maseko
Writer: Zola Maseko and Zakes Mda
DOP: Miles Goodall
Production Manager: Marcelle du Toit
Production Design: Warren Gray and Bathini Stuurman
Costume Design: Julita De Wet
Make Up Design: Nikkila Mann
Editor: Nic Goodwin
Sound Design: Morne Marasi and James Mattes
Music Composer: Pops Mohamed
Production Service: Stage Five Films and Black Roots Films

Jozi Film Festival 2016, Best South African Feature Film

The Journeymen (2016) Documentary

Filmed entirely from first person point of view, The Journeymen documentary follows three young South African photographers, from different walks of life, as they travel 24,000km throughout the country in a motorhome, to capture South Africa's promising, contentious and confusing present-day democracy. From urban sprawls to dusty rural roads, the trio were driven by the question "Has Mandela's vision of equality in a rainbow nation been achieved?" Wikus de Wet, Sipho Mpongo and Sean Metelerkamp, from contrasting cultural and racial backgrounds, find themselves learning about the country they call home and even more about themselves as young South Africans.

Lead Cast: Sipho Mpongo, Sean Metelerkamp and Wikus de Wet
Producer: Jolynn Minnaar
Executive Producer: Dylan Voogt
Associate Producer: Marcelle du Toit
Director: Sean Metelerkamp
Editor: Sean Metelerkamp
Online Editor: Grant Aerts
Sound: Mothership Audio
Production Companies: Stage Five Films and Priest Post Production

Durban International Film Festival 2016, Best South African Documentary

Noem My Skollie (2016) Feature Film

When young Abraham gets arrested for a petty crime, he raises his status in prison by captivating the hardened gangsters with his knack for telling stories. He becomes the “prison cinema” whilst his childhood friend becomes the concubine of a gang boss. On their release from jail AB finds romance with his childhood sweetheart and starts a new path in life as a writer but his friends rope him into a murder for which they all face the hang-man’s noose. Set in Cape Town, South Africa in the 1960s. The film is based on the life story of the scriptwriter Mr. John W. Fredericks.

Cast: Dann-Jaques Mouton, Gantane Kusch, Austin Rose, Peter Butler, Hemelbesem, Oscar Peterson and Tarryn Wyngaard
Producers: David Max Brown and Moshidi Motshegwa
Director: Daryne Joshua
Writer: John W. Fredericks
Production Manager: Marcelle du Toit
DOP : Zenn van Zyl
Production Design: Warren Grey
Costume Design: Emma Moss
Make Up Design: Gale Shepherd
Editor: Simon Beesley
Sound Design: Carmen Freemantle
Music Composer: Kyle Shepherd
Production Service: Stage Five Films and Maxi-D TV Productions

SAFTAs 2016, Best Achievement in Production Design - Feature Film
SAFTAs 2016, Supporting Actor - Feature Film
SAFTAs 2016, Best Actor - Feature Film
SAFTAs Best Achievement in Make-Up and Hairstyling - Feature Film
SAFTAs 2016, Best Achievement in Costume Design - Feature Film
ZIFF 2017, Best Feature Film
International Independent Film Awards 2017, Best Production Design

Hum (2016) Short Film

Thomas has been hearing the crippling hum for so long that he can hardly remember when things started going wrong. To make matters worse, nobody else hears it, and so Thomas agrees to go for electroshock therapy to overcome the hum for good.

This leads to memory loss, and Thomas resumes sessions with his psychiatrist Dr. Swart in order to unravel his past so that he can win back Jana, the love of his life. But the ceaseless hum continues to haunt him, and he starts to feel like he is under constant surveillance. Despite all of this, Thomas is convinced that he’s getting closer to the truth behind the hum, as well as the likelihood that he can finally convince Jana of his sanity… But how much more can he truly sacrifice before his obsession takes the ultimate toll?

Cast: Carel Nel, Cintaine Schutte, Deon Lotz and Andre Roothman
Producers: Dylan Voogt, Willem Grobler and Nicki Priem
Co-Producers: Marcelle du Toit, Jenny Pack and Liesel Priem
Director: Willem Grobler
Writer: Willem Grobler
DOP: Barrett De Kock
Production Design: Esté Kira Opperman
Costume Design: Karlien Seegers
Make Up Design: Roxanne Boehme
Editor: Leon Visser
Sound Design: Daniel Caleb
Music Composer: Daniel Caleb and James Mattes
Production Company: Stage Five Films and Mad Little Badger

kykNET Silwerskermfees 2016, Best Screenplay
kykNET Silwerskermfees 2016, Best Cinematography
kykNET Silwerskermfees 2016, Best Actor
kykNET Silwerskermfees 2016, Best Editing

Lazy Susan (2015) Short Film

A friendly waitress Susan works a double at an everyday Cape Town restaurant, deftly serving gluttons and wasps, hipsters and high-tippers, racists and lechers. With some effort she maintains both wit and service in the face of obnoxious customers until a lousy tip gets the better of her. Told from the perspective of a single lazy Susan (rotating tray), this is dark comedy and social commentary at its best.

Cast: Carel Nel, Shamilla Miller, Sivuyile Ngesi and Chi Mhende
Producers: Dylan Voogt, Stephen Abbott
Director: Stephen Abbott
Writer: Stephen Abbott and Eduan Van Jaarsveldt
DOP: Pierre de Villiers
Art Director: Camilla van Zyl
Production Design: Camilla Van Zyl
Costume Design: Marcelle du Toit and Klarese Nel
Make Up Design: Marcelle du Toit and Klarese Nel
Editor: Stanley M. Agnew
On Location Sound: John Claassen
Sound Design: Craig Reneryneveld
Music Composer: James Matthes
Production Company: Stage Five Films

Unearthed (2014) Documentary

A young South African woman swallows her optimism on the potential shale gas could bring to her people after traveling to ground zero and uncovering the dirty secrets of the fracking industry. Unearthed exposes the dark web of hidden truths upholding the false assurances made by multinational energy corporations that the method of hydraulic fracturing is a safe, time-tested technology and the flawed assertion that shale gas is the solution for our energy hungry world.

The film covers the extensive journey that Karoo born director, Jolynn Minnaar, took – 18 months of research; over 400 interviews; traveling across South Africa, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; battling gag orders and no trespassing zones; losing cameras to extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures and suffering first hand chemical exposure from drilling sites – to get to the bottom of the controversial topic.

Producers: Jolynn Minnaar, Dylan Voogt, Stacey Keppler and Saskia Schiel
Executive Producers: Chris Nicklin (Sabido Productions)
Director: Jolynn Minnaar
Writer: Jolynn Minnaar
DOP: Jolynn Minnaar
Editor: Daniel Mitchell
Sound: Morne Marais, Sound Surgeon
Music Composer: Brendan Jury
Animation: Candice Wainwright
Production Companies: Stage Five Films and Zootee Studios

Durban Film Mart 2013, Worldview Development Grant
Sheffield Documentary Festival 2014, Green Award
Encounters International Film Festival 2014, Best South African Film Audience Choice
Tri Continental Film Festival 2014, Best Film Audience Choice

Hollywood in my Huis (2014) Feature Film

A coming-of-age romantic comedy set against the backdrop of a 2004 matric dance in South Africa, Hollywood in my Huis follows an ordinary teenage girl – Jana van Tonder – who lives in an impoverished railway neighbourhood with her dysfunctional parents. When she witnesses Charlize Theron’s iconic Oscar win, Jana is inspired to transform her upcoming Matric Dance into her very own Hollywood red carpet moment.

Meanwhile, Jana’s secret crush, Brandon, the school’s tennis champ, breaks off his relationship with Angelique, the school’s most popular girl. Just as Jana is mustering the courage to ask Brandon to the dance, her best friend and boy-next-door, Frikkie, reveals his true feelings for her. With the matric dance less than a month away, with some guidance from her parents and fairy godmother, Suzy, Jana has to make the difficult choice between her closest friend and her dream date.

Lead Cast: Christia Visser, Edwin van der Walt, Louw Venter and Derek Van Dam
Producers: Dylan Voogt, Saskia Schiel and Vlokkie Gordon
Associate Producer: Marcelle du Toit
Director: Corne van Rooyen
Writers: Corne van Rooyen and Rene van Rooyen
DOP: Zenn van Zyl
Art Director: Michelle Randall
Production Design: Michelle Randall
Make Up Design: Julene Paton
Editor: Roshni Haroldson
Sound Design: Nicky De Beer, Craig Reynevld and Charlotte Buys
Music Composer: Ben Ludik
Production Company: Stage Five Films and Red Letter Day Pictures

kykNET Silwerskermfees 2014, Audience Choice
kykNET Silwerskermfees 2014, Critics Choice
kykNET Silwerskermfees 2014, Best Actress