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Stage Five Films is a full-service production company that specialises in films, series, and documentaries.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, with offices in Mauritius and Portugal, we work across continents, collaborating with a global network to create premium footage across all platforms.
Stage Five Films is purpose-built on production fundamentals, combining a commitment to creative excellence with nuts-and-bolts precision.
With over two decades of experience across the continent, we ensure producers and investors receive the highest standards of professionalism, security, and delivery.
We provide a forward-thinking, respectful environment for creatives to realise their vision. Because no two projects are the same, we bring customised services and unique solutions to each production with uncompromising commitment and integrity.


At the heart of Stage Five Films is a diverse team of seasoned professionals driven by passion, a commitment to excellence, and informed by real-world experience.
Producer, Partner
Producer, Partner
Producer | Unscripted
Production Manager
Production Accountant
Marketing Manager
Social Media | Graphic Design
Production Assistant
Office Manager
DYLAN VOOGT Producer, Partner

With over two decades of industry experience and working on more than 30 feature films, Dylan Voogt is one of Africa's most sought-after film producers.

Dylan rose through the ranks old school, fulfilling almost every production role, from Production Assistant to Producer. He brings this diverse experience to all the projects he works on and is known for his creative eye and can-do attitude.

Dedicated to transforming creative ideas into enduring on-screen stories, Dylan's key skill is extracting the best possible work from each project's talent and crew, while ensuring producers and investors receive the highest level of service.

Dylan is passionate about the African continent and is committed to bringing African and South African film and television to a global stage.

MARCELLE DU TOIT Producer, Partner

Marcelle is one of the South African film industry’s most exciting talents. Known for her pragmatic, people-centred approach, she is an accomplished leader and producer who has taken several award-winning feature films, documentaries, and series over the line.

Marcelle joined the Stage Five Films team in 2013, bringing steadfast dedication, strong business acumen, and a passion for creating best-in-class work to the company’s full slate. She is passionate about employing innovative strategies to old systems, and her forward-thinking, solution-oriented approach is well recognised.

Heading up the company’s business operations, Marcelle is responsible for executing projects on a strategic and operational level. As part of her multifaceted role, she works alongside the creative team and the best local production resources to ensure the highest level of production value is achieved on all projects.

A Mandela Rhodes Scholar, Marcelle holds a postgraduate double major in Producing and Art Direction. In addition, she spent 18 years training as a classical dancer, performing both locally and internationally.


Our clients’ feedback is a testament to the calibre of work we deliver – read their testimonials here.

'Working with Stage Five Films was an exercise in how to match filmmakers’ outsized ambitions with a professional and methodical approach under difficult circumstances.'

Shooting in a very remote location at a high altitude with changing weather and snow, Stage Five Films worked at an extremely high level to provide a steady shoot anchored in precise planning and execution. They were our producing partners. On a financial level, their relationship with the premier completion bond company as well as the appropriate government bodies made the monetary side of the project smooth and transparent for producers and international investors alike – from depositing significant equity to claiming the local tax incentive after finishing production. Most importantly, working with Dylan and Marcelle goes beyond the sum of variables and transactions. Their business integrity is matched by generous warmth and hospitality that truly stands out in today’s business environment.

Asger Hussain SVP, Television, Lee Daniels Entertainment
Five Fingers for Marseilles
'I always felt in safe and very competent hands concerning every step of our production.'

I spent more than 20 weeks in South Africa in 2017, producing five hours of fiction. Stage Five Films immediately understood the core of our series by looking into both storytelling and production services. I felt like I’d found my best partners ever on another continent of the world. This is special, and I know it because I’ve been filming in many parts of the world. Stage Five Films is highly professional and deeply dedicated to the project and the ambition of the filmmakers, which makes it easy and inspiring working with them. Everything is possible – and all work is characterised by pure kindness. Above all, I always felt in safe and very competent hands concerning every step of our production – from early research and preparation of shoot to actual shooting, and all accounting and post flow.

Karoline Leth Producer, Zentropa Productions (Denmark)
Productions: Liberty (RSA, 2018) & The Dreamer - Becoming Karen
Blixen (Denmark/Belgium/RSA, 2022)
'They’re the beating heart of any production.'

It's hard to be too complimentary about Dylan, Marcelle, and the team at Stage Five Films. They're experts at production, making every rand look like ten, working harder than they'd ever ask anyone to work and coming up with creative solutions for every inevitable situation that production can throw at you. More than that, though, they're creatives and true filmmakers at heart, coming at every project from a story- and vision-first perspective, whether as producers, partners or as a service company. They’re the beating heart of any production.

Sean Drummond
Sean Drummond Writer, Producer (RSA/US) – Be Phat Motel
Productions: Apocalypse Now Now (RSA, 2016), Five Fingers for Marseilles (RSA, 2017)
'We’ll definitely be working together again.'

They’re extremely hard-working producers, focused on making the best film possible, shepherding the process all the way through till the end. They’re always present and clear-headed through the crazy ups and downs of filmmaking. We’ll definitely be working together again.

Michael Matthews
Michael Matthews Director (US/RSA) – Nautilus, Love and Monsters, Five Fingers for Marseilles
Productions: Apocalypse Now Now (RSA, 2016), Five Fingers for Marseilles (RSA, 2017)
'They’re always the first port of call.'

Working with Marcelle, Dylan, and the Stage Five Team is always a pleasure. Professional, with a wealth of experience, easy to get along with, and no ‘hidden surprises’ are a few of the reasons they’re always the first port of call.

Jim Mooney Producer - Emu Films (UK)
Productions: Sulphur & White (UK/RSA, 2018) and Prisoners of Paradise (Mauritius, 2020)


While we’re loyal to our future, we’re proud of our accomplishments.
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