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National Youth Day 2022 – South Africa

Every 16th June we commemorate Youth Day and the brave students who fought for their rights for equal education.

Stage Five Films, for ten years now, has committed to providing a platform for talented emerging filmmakers to realise their vision. We believe that investment in our Youth is imperative to the continued growth and success of our industry.

Shot on location in Soweto, “Lakutshon’ Ilanga” (“When the Sun Sets”), tells the story of a young, black nurse living in apartheid South Africa who must face her worst fears when she learns that her younger brother, an activist, may be in danger.

Directed by Phumi Morare as part of her master’s programme at Chapman University and executively produced in SA by Stage Five Films, the film pays homage to her mother as it was inspired by a real incident that happened in her life. Her courage inspired Phumi to honour and observe the quiet heroism of ordinary, African women.

The short film won Gold at the 49th Annual Student Academy Awards last year in the Narrative Domestic Schools category.

The success of this short film is a testament to the ever-growing interest in African stories curatorially produced and wrapped in technical excellence. Phumi’s uncompromising commitment to narrative integrity resulted in a short, yet powerful piece honouring black resilience and the role of the youth and women in our societies.

Lakutshon’ Ilanga is available to view on HBO Max.

SA release to be announced soon.

Director and writer: Phumi Morare

Executive Producers: Marcelle du Toit, Dylan Voogt, Stage Five Films

Producer: Christine Cho


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DATE: 07 / 09 / 2022