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AFRICA’S FILM INDUSTRY // A Compelling Case for Continued Investment.

Africa has emerged as a captivating force in the global film industry, drawing international investors with its unique storytelling, breath-taking filming locations, and talented African film crews.

As a leading production company based in South Africa, Stage 5 Films has been a proactive participant in this growth, guiding foreign producers through the dynamic African film industry.

The increasing global demand for diverse and authentic content has fueled the African film industry’s expansion, with countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya leading the charge. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the African film and audiovisual industry generates an estimated $5 billion in annual revenue and employs over 5 million people across the continent. 

Streamers and media companies continue to recognise the potential of the African Film Industry. In January 2024, Canal+ Group announced its intention to increase its stake in MultiChoice, Africa’s leading entertainment company, from 15% to 40%. This move would significantly expand Canal+ Group’s presence in the African media and entertainment market, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships and collaborations in driving growth and innovation in the sector.

Stage 5 Films has experienced the increased potential first-hand, leveraging our deep understanding of the local landscape to help international partners navigate this thriving market. Over the last decade, we have worked on projects in 17 African countries, with budgets ranging from $1 million to $26 million. 

Co-production opportunities in Africa have become a powerful tool for foreign filmmakers to access the African market and collaborate with local talent. By partnering with Stage 5 Films, producers can tap into our extensive network of local resources and world-class production services. In the last decade, we have successfully co-produced projects with Denmark, France, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

These collaborations offer access to a wide range of resources and funding opportunities. Stage 5 Films expertly navigates the various film commissions and incentive programs available across Africa, ensuring that our international partners can bring their projects to life most cost-effectively and efficiently. We have a 100% track record in applying for and obtaining Film Rebates and funding in South Africa and Mauritius. 

With favourable exchange rates, a well-established film infrastructure and experienced creative and technical talent, Africa’s film industry continues to deliver exceptional value. Discover the untapped potential of your film or series with Stage 5 Films as your guide to the African continent. 

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