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NEW RELEASE // Boetie Boer: Inside the Mind of a Monster

Step into the twisted mind of Stewart “Boetie Boer” Wilken as we unveil the horrifying truth behind his devastating 1990s killing spree.

Exclusive archival confessions and haunting reenactments reveal Wilken’s transformation from a young boy into a relentless killer.

Capturing the full story of a serial killer’s reign of terror is no small feat. We were fortunate enough to be backed by the tireless efforts of over 150 supportive and hard-working crew and cast members.

Filming took place at the beginning of 2023, over two separate shooting ‘blocks.’ The first 4-week block saw our crew document the stories of the journalists and detectives who investigated the case of Stewart Wilken, and the brave individuals whose lives were shaken by his unthinkable crimes. Shortly after, filming moved to Cape Town. This second block saw a talented cast and crew recreate key moments in Wilken’s life and portray the heroic work of the Investigative Psychology Unit.

All 5 episodes are available to stream exclusively on Showmax.


Produced by Stage Five Films and Fifth Floor Films

Director: Jasyn Howes

Producers: Dylan Voogt, Marcelle du Toit, Jasyn Howes

Production Manager: Divan Vermeulen

Production Coordinator: Shaaheen Nell

Story Producer: Andy Petersen

Story Consultant: Meggan Raubenheimer

Post-Production Coordinator: Lloyd Zeeman

Offline Post-production: Stitch Post Production

Grade and Finish: Priest Post Production

Title Design: Motif Studios

Music and sound: Pressure Cooker Studios

Camera, Lighting & Grips Equipment: Zootee Studios



Stewart Wilkien: Raven Swart

Anetha Lynn Loots: Kanya Viljoen

Alwyn Griebenouw: Chris van Rensburg

Teenage Ursula Barnard: Christie van Niekerk

Cherie Kruger: Alice Viskat

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DATE: 16 / 04 / 2023