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From Set to Screen // How Stage 5 Films is Leading the Charge in Eco-Friendly Film Production 

The future of all humanity depends on making sustainable choices today.

Stage 5 Films is dedicated to telling meaningful, impactful stories that resonate across cultures and generations. But our passion for servicing the creative needs for quality content goes hand-in-hand with a renewed commitment to environmental responsibility.

The film and television industry has undoubtedly left a hefty carbon footprint over the years through transportation, energy usage, material waste, and more.With 20+ years experience, filming in more than 17 countries – we’ve seen firsthand the impacts of climate change on various communities and ecosystems.

That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to embrace sustainable “green” production practices that minimize our environmental impact while still delivering incredible creative work. It’s a journey, and one with its fair share of challenges, but we believe it’s absolutely vital for the long-term health of our industry and the planet.

We’ve taken the Clean Creatives pledge to decline any future projects involving fossil fuel companies, trade groups, or front organizations contributing to carbon pollution and the climate crisis. It’s a firm stance, but one we strongly believe is necessary and aligns with our values.

On every production, sustainability is baked into the process. We conduct comprehensive environmental assessments before arriving on location to plan the protection of local ecosystems, watersheds, and habitats. Our policies and initiatives constantly evolve based on the latest science, tech, and best practices. We’ll keep optimizing, deepening understanding, and sharing learnings. We aim to lead by example, demonstrating how prioritizing environmental responsibility can harmonize with creating incredible, influential entertainment.

The future of all humanity depends on making sustainable choices today. At Stage 5 Films it’s a driving principle that underpins all our creative endeavors.

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DATE: 07 / 05 / 2024