The Beautiful Game

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The Beautiful Game (2012)


A character-based feature documentary that portrays the transcendent power of soccer in modern Africa – a game that is helping to change the lives of individuals and communities across the continent. Players, fans, young, old, with or without a disability, male and female… millions of Africans’ lives are wrapped up in the ‘beautiful game’.

Unlike anything else soccer brings fifty-four diverse countries into a common and passionate dialogue. And the results are tangible: when an African country does well at a competition, its national GDP rises, its exports go up, crime decreases, and political divides narrow. As Reverend Tutu shares in “The Beautiful Game”: “soccer isn’t like a religion in Africa. It is bigger than religion”.

The film interweaves a number of dynamic stories from six separate African countries: Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. Together these stories reveal how soccer can be an effective social and developmental tool; and how a game can play a crucial role in shaping a new future for Africa.


Producers: Julian Cautherley, Jason Mercer, Tom Michel

Executive Producers: Kola Aluko, Kojo Annan, Marcus Glover, Brian Klein Houston King, Jason Lust

Co-Executive Producer: David Davoli

Co-Producers: Joel Plotch, Dylan Voogt

Director: Victor Buhler