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Liberty (2018)


Two expat families in Tanzania in the 1980’s; the Danish family, The Knudsens, consisting of Niels and Kirsten with their baby daughter and a rebellious teenage son, Christian; the Swedish couple, the Larssons. The disillusioned Jonas and his wife, Katrina. In a parallel generational storyline, Liberty follows both the adults and two young men in the defining years of their youth – Christian and local Tanzanian Marcus, a helper in the Larsson household.

Christian, rootless and removed from his usual habitat in Denmark, is searching for an African identity, while Marcus desperately hungers for a Scandinavian future. Both are trying to become men, while idealism withers to dust and hypocrisy surrounds them.

Both generations show us just how far we can drift when everything is possible, but our footing uncertain and unknown. Betrayal of principles, family, friendships. Infidelity, greed and murder. They will realize that it’s not so easy to change their lives.

Based on a novel by Jakob Ejersbo.


Lead Cast: Connie Nielson, Carsten Bjørnlund, Sofie Gråbøl, Magnus Krepper, Anton Nikolaj Hjejle Øberg, Charlie Karumi.

Creator: Asger Leth.

Producers: Piv Bernth, Karoline Leth.

Co-Producers: Dylan Voogt.

Writers: Jakob Ejersbo, Asger Leth, Morten Pape, Christoffer Örnfelt.

Director: Mikael Marcimain.

DOP: Aske Foss.

Production Design: Nikolaj Danielsen.

Costume Design: Tanja Eleonora Spang.

Make Up Design: Trine Cordes Berg.

Editor: Kristofer Nordin, Jacob Thuesen.

Music By: Mattias Bärjed.

Production Services: Stage 5 Films.