Filmmaking apps: What the pros are using

Filmmaking apps: What the pros are using

When it comes to managing it all, nothing can replace the time, experience and patience filmmakers put into perfecting their skills and craft. But this doesn’t mean we don’t make use of a few intelligent tools to help us work smarter. Here are 5 of our most commonly used apps.


1. Artemis Pro – Location scouting.
This handy little app has revolutionised the way people scout locations, create storyboards and prep shots. Artemis Pro is a digital viewfinder for smartphones that can shoot and trim video, generate custom framelines, overlay filters and even insert silhouettes for planning shots or storyboarding. These easy-to-use tools make planning, collaborating and communicating so much easier and it’s all on your mobile device.


2. Helios Pro – Where will the sun be? Timing shots.
Another app by the same developers, Helios Pro, is a great tool for visualising where shadows will fall and how light will illuminate shots throughout the day. This is particularly useful for planning ideal shooting times, and integrates with the Artemis Pro. Helios Pro is also great for night shoots with moon and star data tools, plus most tools still work without reception – perfect for when you’re in a beautiful but remote African location.


3. Final Draft 11 – Script writing.
Script writing is an art, but inspiration isn’t desk bound. Final Draft 11 is one of our favourite apps for the creative on the move. Scripts can be edited anywhere and across multiple devices, so you never have to worry about handling multiple drafts. The interface is easy to use but also abides by traditional script formatting, magically making your creative ramblings work within industry standards.


4. Shot Designer – Directors blocking scenes.
Everyone has their own way of blocking complex scenes and creating shot lists, but Shot Designer is an intuitive tool for getting the job done quickly and clearly. The camera diagram designer is easy and fast to use, and reacts to changes you make in real-time. Not only will it automatically move cameras when actors move, it’ll also create and update the shot list while you’re making changes to the diagram. Storyboards can also be added to further build out a shot, and an integrated viewfinder is also available if you don’t have Artemis Pro.


5. Windy App – Predicting weather.
No matter how much you plan and prep, or how many apps you have at the ready, when you’re shooting on location, Mother Nature always has the final say. When it comes to predicting the weather and planning shoots, the Windy App is our top choice as it offers accurate and detailed forecasting. Besides providing the usual temperature and rain forecast, the Windy App also includes wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover and even snow and tides, so you know you’re prepared for every kind of location.

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